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Position:Foreign Trade Salesman

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      1. Leading the formulation and planning of import and export business processes, collecting and analyzing important industry information;

      2. Responsible for the daily sales development, customer communication and related professional operation of import and export business, actively explore domestic and foreign markets;

      3. Participate in and lead the management of major business matters, projects and new product development of major customers in this business, carry out customer visits and reception, and participate in exhibitions at home and abroad; be responsible for signing trade contracts and supervising the execution of contracts, handling related business matters, being responsible for the standardization of business and business risk control, and coordinating the working relationship between this department and other departments.


      1. College degree or above, with unlimited majors;

      2. More than five years'experience in import and export business management, and experience in furniture and building materials related fields is preferred.

      3. Strict and meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, strong anti-pressure ability and learning ability, high enthusiasm for work;

      4. Good organizational and management skills, good communication and coordination skills, negotiation skills, innovation awareness, team cooperation ability, service awareness, public relations processing ability.

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