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Leier Trading Co.,Ltd

      The company was founded in 2012 and focus on researchand development of small smart appliances. 

      User experience and superior products qualitywas hightly regarded during this years. The company alsohave enormous potentiality in technology research anddevelopment strength. The smart pop up socket is our coreproduct in domestic and foreign markets.

      Smart pop up socket is the core productdeveloped and sold by our company.The company have superior technology research anddevelopment. strength, the our philosophy is to inovateand achieve unique high-quality products, comitted tobecoming a "high-tech enterprise" Since its establish-ment, the company has always adhered to the conceptof intelilge and inovative talents. Standing on thebasis of pragmatism and refinement in the smart industry.

      Incorporate innovative talents and absorb creative ideas.

      The company has a reasonable talent structure and more than 70 employees. The company employs various industry experts asconsultants to continuously optimize product performance, so that users can get high quality service and best return on invest-ment.

      The company's innovative services Itelligent era The eight-character concept is gtting stronger and stronger, absorbing inovative talents, absorbing creative ideas, sricly contollingn product quality, and tracking allround services. We take quality asour life. Time is credit, price is competitive business philosophy.

      Companies adhering to the "innovation, service, inteliice,e the era" eight-character concept, to absorb innovatve talents,absorb creative ideas, strict product quality, comprehensive service tracking, we take quality as life, time for reputation, price forcompetitive operation belief.